D is for Dubcon, R is for…

An amazingly articulate piece on one of the most difficult fantasies to explain without feeling shame or horror about oneself.


It literally has taken me two three years to publish this post. Every few months I review it, consider publishing, and then shelve it again. I ask myself why? I write about all kinds of really personal things without any compunction, but this post is somehow different. I’m so nervous about it, please be gentle.

I entertain fantasies of wanting to be forced to have sex.

Let that sink in for a moment. It’s a lot to unpack.

A word springs immediately to the tip of the tongue: rape. I agree, that’s the fantasy in a nutshell, and yet that doesn’t really capture what’s going on. Rape is a brutal act of aggression. It is unwanted, undeserved, and leaves permanent scars. That’s certainly not the fantasy. It’s not a turn-on.

I entertain fantasies of wanting to be forced to have sex.

Wanting to be forced. Both of those words…

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One thought on “D is for Dubcon, R is for…

  1. Thanks, Pippa. As I say in my blog, I was inspired by your own post (https://peppermintylady.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/thirty-days-of-kink-day-6/). These words in particular: “My weirdest submissive fantasy is one where I essentially get raped. Well, there’s not even really an “essentially” about it. It’s just a rape. That I would get raped.” I read that, and I thought it was courageous, and I loved that you just said what you meant. And I felt the same way, but I had a hard time admitting it like you did. It took me a really long time to drum up the courage to publish, but I basically was inspired by you. So, um, thanks!


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