Cam Girl or Escort – News and Updates

Hello naughty bunnies! Have you all been good?

I fear that I, myself, have not been good at all. Neither has subby-hubby but that’s another matter altogether.

Why was Miss Pippa Not Posting For So Long?

I am sorry to say, my dears, that I have not been doing my best on the health spectrum. I’ve been plagued by migraines and anxiety attacks during the last month, to a point where I was less than functional. You could not expect me to get up from bed, let alone write anything.

I spent days in bed, binge-watching tv and dreaming of things to do to hubby, but not having the energy to act on any of my naughty instincts. It also made me wish I had a few blog posts waiting on hold that I could just post on a whim, instead of writing spontaneously like I do. It’s fun to have the spontaneity, but it makes for long hiatuses if I am not feeling well, or if life happens.

Life Happened, Indeed!

I got a “promotion” at work. I call it a “promotion,” in quotation marks because there is absolutely no change in my status with the company, nor is there any change in my pay. My daily tasks and responsibilities, however, are completely different from my previous position at work (we’re talking a complete 180 here!).

I went from a customer service position to an administrative position, which is a pretty sweet deal. I was sick and tired of dealing with absolutely moronic customers who could probably not tell their suitcases from their own head if you were to ask them under duress. I swear, I was one cancelled flight away of requiring either sick leave, or going on a rampage!

So now, I work away from the public. I still get to wear a (not so) sexy flight attendant uniform, but I now sit quietly in the control tower, bossing the people on the floor below around. It’s a position called “connection coordinator,” and I essentially ensure that passengers from delayed flights are taken care of (preferably, I make sure they reach their final destination from my power spot in the tower, but sometimes I have to issue them hotel rooms, etc.).

This job comes with a whole lot of power (and thus responsibility – that’s what uncle Ben always said, right? *wink*). I get to make certain calls that I was never allowed to make in my previous position. I get to call the people on the floor and say “stop this passenger, they are going on this other flight now, so that they get to their destination faster.” I also have control over the baggage room and ground crew, and I can even boss some managers around, as I report to bigger bosses. Said bigger bosses take action based on my suggestions, which means that I basically call the shots when it comes to airport operations.

It’s way too much fun! Though I sometimes think that they should never have trusted a Domme like me with that amount of power… *wink*

Money Is Tight: I Need More Work

I am in a desperate spiral of doom when it comes to money. A paycheck comes in, and I might as well flush it down the toilet for all the money I get to see. *pouty face*

I’ve just gotten paid mid-week, and already I am below 50$ to my name, due to debts and the part-time nature of my current work. So I am considering a second job for extra income.

So I’ve been hahing and humming between two different jobs:

Escort or Cam Girl?

I’ve been looking into it and sincerely considered it. The only reason why I am not out there doing those jobs yet is because I don’t know how to get in. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do know a bit on how to get in, but because I don’t have a mentor, so to speak, I am incredibly nervous (yay! anxiety disorders!) to make the steps required to become either of the two jobs I am considering.

Escort would probably be the fastest way for me to earn money. But I think that being a cam girl might be safer?

What do you think, my bunnies? Do any of you have any experience in these things?

And what do you think about Miss Pippa Minty doing these kinds of jobs? Would you be my fanbase, if I were to cam? *wink*

I hope some of you will message me or comment with responses, because I’m really between a rock and a hard place right now, and that hard place is not a hard cock for me to tease or torture…. *siiiiiigh*

Finally, Wrapping Up with More News

I also participated in NaNoWriMo this past month (National Novel Writing Month, for those of you not in the know! *wink*), so I fear I have spent much of my writing on completely non-kinky stuff, focusing instead on dead serious and traumatic Victorian Asylums.

And have I written stuff! Due to all the life changes and issues, I kind of slacked at the start of November and wrote zilch until around the 20th of the month. Then I kind of went crazy. I forgot to sleep. And in ten days, I wrote thirty-thousand (yes, 30K!) words.

I know it’s not the fabled fifty-thousand word goal of the NaNoWriMo, but the whole event is supposed to last thirty days, not ten.

So I am quite proud of myself. I have even been in contact with a friend of mine who is an editor at a publishing company. So look forward to maybe (eventually, hopefully – oh please let it happen!) finding my overly complex Victorian fantasy/drama on the shelves of a bookstore near you!

(Even if it isn’t kinky, I do hope that you all came for the kink and stayed for the prose *blows kiss*)

That’s that. I hope to hear a lot from you with regard to the Cam/escort stuff. Let me know your thoughts. Feel free to contact me privately as well.

I look forward to reading what you have to say!


3 thoughts on “Cam Girl or Escort – News and Updates

  1. I have several longtime friends who are escorts (Among other jobs/and contract jobs they hustle on the side), and two of them also do cam shows. I don’t know how connected you are to the local agencies or if you are thinking of rolling solo, but there are a slew of issues to think about with either route. Staying safe – physically and legally are the biggest issues they complain about. A big ass driver helps with the second issue easily enough as does the kind of customer you’re aiming to get. The cams, I know less about, but, again, it come down to going through an established site that takes a cut and ‘claims’; to get you more clients or bootstrapping the equipment, software, effort, and advertising yourself.

    One woman I know did a DYI cam business, but she was dating a hardcore computer geek back then, so she had the inside scoop everything. Not knowing your skill set(s) in this department, I wont presume to make any recommendations.

    Oh, and there are a surprising number of really straightforward articles out there on both topics waiting to be read.

    Hope you are on the mend ad best of luck with publishing your book!

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  2. Boo for not feeling so great, but congratulations on the promotion! I imagine not having to deal with the public is a HUGE stress reliever.

    To your question, I think both camgirl and escort are hard and risky jobs. You have to be ‘sexy perky dream girl’ in both cases when you’re maybe really going ‘blergh, fuck off all of y’all’ (ugh, exhausting and difficult), but in the first you don’t have to have strangers actually physically touching you or having access to your body and expose yourself to the obvious risks in that. But in the second there’s a risk of someone recording your show and spreading it all over the internet completely beyond your control: a different kind of risk, but a risk all the same.

    Either way, success depends on good marketing and THAT shit is hard. Like, really hard. Because have you seen how many sites and ads and etc there are out there? A gazillionty. There is serious competition and I think getting enough traction to make any money requires knowledge and effort and really hard and consistent and effective promotional work. That would be even more difficult than the job itself.

    Maybe find some women who are doing those jobs and get some practical info as a starting point.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!



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