Cam Girl or Escort – News and Updates

Hello naughty bunnies! Have you all been good?

I fear that I, myself, have not been good at all. Neither has subby-hubby but that’s another matter altogether.

Why was Miss Pippa Not Posting For So Long?

I am sorry to say, my dears, that I have not been doing my best on the health spectrum. I’ve been plagued by migraines and anxiety attacks during the last month, to a point where I was less than functional. You could not expect me to get up from bed, let alone write anything.

I spent days in bed, binge-watching tv and dreaming of things to do to hubby, but not having the energy to act on any of my naughty instincts. It also made me wish I had a few blog posts waiting on hold that I could just post on a whim, instead of writing spontaneously like I do. It’s fun to have the spontaneity, but it makes for long hiatuses if I am not feeling well, or if life happens.

Life Happened, Indeed!

I got a “promotion” at work. I call it a “promotion,” in quotation marks because there is absolutely no change in my status with the company, nor is there any change in my pay. My daily tasks and responsibilities, however, are completely different from my previous position at work (we’re talking a complete 180 here!).

I went from a customer service position to an administrative position, which is a pretty sweet deal. I was sick and tired of dealing with absolutely moronic customers who could probably not tell their suitcases from their own head if you were to ask them under duress. I swear, I was one cancelled flight away of requiring either sick leave, or going on a rampage!

So now, I work away from the public. I still get to wear a (not so) sexy flight attendant uniform, but I now sit quietly in the control tower, bossing the people on the floor below around. It’s a position called “connection coordinator,” and I essentially ensure that passengers from delayed flights are taken care of (preferably, I make sure they reach their final destination from my power spot in the tower, but sometimes I have to issue them hotel rooms, etc.).

This job comes with a whole lot of power (and thus responsibility – that’s what uncle Ben always said, right? *wink*). I get to make certain calls that I was never allowed to make in my previous position. I get to call the people on the floor and say “stop this passenger, they are going on this other flight now, so that they get to their destination faster.” I also have control over the baggage room and ground crew, and I can even boss some managers around, as I report to bigger bosses. Said bigger bosses take action based on my suggestions, which means that I basically call the shots when it comes to airport operations.

It’s way too much fun! Though I sometimes think that they should never have trusted a Domme like me with that amount of power… *wink*

Money Is Tight: I Need More Work

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