A Not So Hiatus Hiatus

“Hiatus Hiatus” sounds like the Latin name of a creature buried in the depths of the yellowed pages of an Encyclopaedia.

Moving on…

I am traveling to Germany for the next three weeks.

Leaving in an hour.

I would apologize for the situation, as it will likely prevent further posting at the moment, but I really don’t feel sorry at all. I’m going out of filial duty (visiting family) and to show a good friend around the areas where I grew up (and take the opportunity to be ridiculously touristy as well).

What we have planned.

All the castles, of course. We are going to be looking at Ludwig II of Bavaria’s masterpieces, namely Herren Chiemsee, Linderhof, and, the pièce de résistance, Neuschwanstein. We also booked a stay in the Villa on Trapp (the Hiiiiii~~~~~~lls are aliiiii~~~~~~ve with the sound of mu~~~sic!) in the neighbouring Salzburg. We will also be meandering around Munich for a few days, then Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Mainz, Köln, and some other musts along the Rhein. We are expecting lots of walking, great hikes in Bavaria, and amazing (highly caloric) food.

Do not be too surprised, naughty bunnies, if this Domme returns with an extra 10 kilos on her waist (I’m already crying from anxiety at the thought).

A quick side note – I’ve found out, to my great horror, that all the weight I lost over the summer (3 kilos, or six pounds) has come back with a vengeance. I will just lovingly call my paunch a muffin-top, although it is much more like an exploded meringue in reality.

In the meantime

I have tasked my bratty subby-hubby to write no less than TWO blog posts under his name. It is both a preemptive punishment for the times I know he will cum without permission, and a show of power on my part.

By announcing his posts here, I am not giving him a chance to back out. He will be writing one post about what Miss Minty is like as a Femdom (he may phrase it as he wishes, or even compare how I am in-scene vs. out of scene). The other post will be about what it’s like to be a submissive and why it is a good/attractive thing to sub as a man.

He has no choice. I will be monitoring him closely.

You may also get the occasional update from me on my Twitter or Instagram when exciting things come up in the beautiful Land der Deutschen.

So, that’s it. I’m in last-minute packing-frenzy, so I will have to bid you adieu at the moment.

Lots of love,



Have a photo of my newest lingerie set for the trip.

Miss Pippa in Change lingerie
Miss Pippa in Change lingerie