Hello my naughty bunnies!

While I have been a boring old lady of late and not done very much in the way of kink, I have not forgotten you. In fact, I created ART just for you! *wink*

Given the fact that I had a rather unpleasant course of the monthlies and that my subby-hubby was completely exhausted (and on an opposite schedule than I) by his new job, I spent my time having kinky thoughts and putting them to paper.

Me, Myself and I

Oh, but they’re not in writing – no. That took way more concentration than this bloated and migrane-y Femdom was able to conjure. Instead, I simply sat down, picked up a pencil, and drew this:


This is a more or less accurate self-portrait that I drew on a whim. I haven’t done this whole drawing thing in a long time, so my kinky art needs some work. But I would say that, for a first attempt at drawing again after a five year hiatus, this wasn’t too bad at all.

About the Drawing

I don’t have a scanner or one of those graphic whatsa-thingamagiggs that you draw on and magic happens in the computer. A) I was never taught how to use those; and B) I am essentially computer illiterate. I press a button and stuff happens. When it doesn’t I panic. Okay, truthfully, that was a bit of a hyperbole; but it is true that most technology related things go way over my head.

I learned, or rather taught myself, to draw in high school. While the teacher’s back was turned, I would always be drawing manga. My early work consisted of very square and angular Sailor Moon characters, whose hands I always had to hide behind their backs because I had not the slightest clue how to draw them. Over time and with way more practice than I should have devoted to it, I developed a knack for it. I can’t really say “talent” as it was a learned skill, not an innate one. I am very bad at drawing anything at all if it’s not in the manga style.

Anyway, the point is that I got better, and eventually even became good. But university put a dent in my drawing, because time and deadlines are a thing, you know? I did draw a few things when the man whom I wanted to date introduced me to his bulldog of a girlfriend (mostly very morbid and macabre drawings), but beyond that, my pencils lay forgotten.

And then, somehow, this happened. Drawn on simple 8.5″ by 11″ paper, with a regular pencil, I decided I would draw myself, as I see myself in kinky situations, for the benefit of my (adoring) audience. Afterwards, I inked the whole thing using 5 different types of Sakura inking pens. I had to have a friend scan it before I could colour it at all.

The colouring in Photoshop was the hardest part for me. I have never done that before, and achieving consistent shading on that program can be a bitch if you don’t know what you’re doing (which, newsflash, I don’t). It took me, no joke, four days to colour this bitch. Well, not exactly four days. About 16 hours spread over four days, really (because, you know, work!).

The other bit that I found daunting was the foreshortening (the fact that the foot in front is super huge while the rest of the body isn’t because it’s further back). Foreshortening is a toughie if you’re just the remaining dregs of a wannabe mangaka from high school. So I am quite happy with how it turned out.

BORING, Miss Pippa!! What does this all MEAN?!

Well, I am glad you asked, naughty bunny number 4.

I did say this drawing was not entirely accurate. It is not so much how I see myself, but how I wish I was.

You see, I am not the carefree, adorable, casual Femdom you see in this self-portrait. My bedroom doesn’t even look like that (yet)! Take this drawing as a long term goal for me. I want to become the woman in this drawing. Maybe, soon, I’ll be able to post a picture of myself in the same set-up? I simply want to be a confident and gorgeous Femdom in my dream bedroom – it’s what every woman wants!

But there are parts that are accurate. I am average sized, not too overweight and pale skinned. I wear my wedding ring on my right hand (old Bavarian Catholic way, because traditions) and my feet are in truly horrible shape (I even made them a little prettier than in real life, because I have the feet of a retired ballet dancer… without the dance skills to match). My hair is a dark red-brown and my eyes are a grey-blue. I adore wearing adorable and striped panties and the loose 80s look shirt is my favourite pj top. Whenever I do CFNM, I tend to wear what I currently have on my back – and usually it is my sleepwear. So seeing me in very casual clothing with a riding crop in hand isn’t unusual at all if you ever drop by my household.

As for the cat in the picture… I have three of them. It is impossible to do anything in my house without at least ONE cat getting involved… even in my drawings! *wink*

So what was the point of all this? I wanted to expose myself to you in a different way, internet. This self portrait opens me up, not only to judgment of my drawing skills, but also to judgement about how I see myself and whom I wish I was.

In any case – I have also been writing stuff for your reading pleasure! Expect new posts soon.

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