TL;DR – Fine, Have A Picture

Hello naughty bunnies!

Apparently, my last kinky post was not all too popular with you guys. I think only one person may have read it through to the end and since then my posts have gotten total radio silence. I won’t lie: my ego is a tad bruised. I should give you a beating to make up for it! Luckily, I am in a generous and forgiving mood (you had better thank me later, though!)

I am assuming (and kind of hoping) that my last post detailing my session with subby-hubby was only so unpopular because it was so long. I hope I am right.

In any case, no long rambles from me this time.

Just a picture. 

Photographer: Guy Raymond from NU2 Concept Studio                                                                                                           Miss Pippa Minty and her favourite sub!

Yes, that is me. 

No, there is no photoshop. Pure, unadulterated moi, on top of subby-hubby in an odd pose (still, at least I am on top).

Subby-hubby had won a draw at Montreal Comiccon for a free photoshoot with NU2 Concept Studio, which is where this picture is from.

I expect this to satisfy your naughtiness until I have nursed my pride back to health so I may post again.


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