Thirty Days of Kink – Final Post – Days 28-30


So I told him to put on his collar and get himself erect, and I prepared my weapons for his punishment.

Truthfully, he had been a very good boy all week, so I wasn’t going to punish him too harshly. He was, in fact, very, very lucky to have so considerate a Miss that she would take his tiredness into account as well. I punished him just enough to leave him wanting for more.

I pinched and bit at his buttocks and thighs. I can’t begin to explain how much I love the flesh of his behind: white and soft, and rounded like a perfect peach. Just so… delicious! I gave him a quick warm-up with my bare hands, as I felt that we were both a little out of practice after a nearly two-month long dry spell.

I got his skin to a healthy rosy glow before pulling out the paddle. Nothing fancy or expensive. A dollar-store beach ball racket (whatever beach ball may be), made out of layers of glued together wood: very similar to a ping-pong paddle, but much larger. As he had worked over 70 hours in a row in the past week, I gave him that exact amount of whacks, having him count it down. On the 1-10 pain scale, I hit a couple of solid sevens, but mostly stayed around the four-five area. Then I moved on to a stingy little belt, just to add a few decorative welts to the shiny redness of his cheeks.

I then ordered him to lie on his back and pulled out some average, benign-looking clothes pins.

I placed them in strategic areas of his body, always making sure to pinch enough skin to make him wince. Then I played musical clothes pegs by popping them off one by one with my trusty riding crop.

As this post is erring on the long side, and I am writing it on my break at work, I will cut it short by saying I finished him off with a completely ruined orgasm. And I am leaving it at that. I fear your imagination will have to serve in order for you to surmise how I got him to that point. I was a happy Femdom, he was… left wanting.

Just like you (hopefully) are now, dear readers…



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