Thirty Days of Kink – Days 25 through 27 –

Today’s post is short and sweet, partially because of the nature of the questions asked, and partially because I am gosh darned exhausted by my work at the moment. Still – I didn’t want to let my kinky bunnies down.

– Day Twenty-Five –

How open are you about your kinks?

Uhm… I think the answer is obvious: very. I am an oversharer by nature. I am very enthusiastic and love to share things I love and enjoy. Sometimes people can get uncomfortable around me because of it – my filter isn’t always on.


That’s it for today, lovelies!

I might not be posting tomorrow, as I have two days of intensive training at work. However, we’re in the final stretch of the Thirty Days of Kink, so expect some good stuff to come.


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