Thirty Days of Kink – Day 12 –

– Day Twelve –

Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had.

Oh… I’ve had a few funny moments. Mostly because I am a Grade A Cluts (yes, with capitals at the start of every word – it’s that bad).

Seriously, I get injured on absolutely everything! For instance, in a non-BDSM context, at work I keep cutting myself on the paper we use. My fingers are riddled with cuts and band-aids. I think they keep the first aid kit stocked just for me, to be honest…

Back to the kinky stuff, you smut lovers.

Well, there was that time when I quoted a meme at Miss Pearl’s Beach Party, which caused everyone to get out of the mood and just start laughing uncontrollably. The particular quote was “touch da fishie!” But that is far too tame for your tastes, dear reader, I am sure.The important thing to note here is that I am not the Old Order Domina of the One True Way of Kink. I never was. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my leather clothing. It’s simply that, while I enjoy being cruel and making men vulnerable to my whims, I find a great deal of playfulness in my manner. The result is a great deal of banter during my sessions with subby-hubby. We can be mid-coitus and I will make a silly reference to Batman, or Brexit, or bananas… I have ADHD so my mind has trouble staying on one subject for long, sex included.

I seem to be derailing my own blog post. Smooth…

I am having difficulty picking one moment over another. There was that time I got so tangled up in the bedsheet that I had to pause what we were doing to extirpate myself from the confines of the fabric (I actually had to use my hands to get my feet out… I’m not even sure this makes sense). Or that time when the cat snuck into the room, leapt onto the bed and started licking the lube off me (yeah, he’s weird, that one – he also loves eating vaseline)… Or when I accidentally smacked myself really hard on the pullback during a spanking… I could go on for ages.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was clumsy. Sometimes, I end up with more bruises than subby-hubby and it certainly wasn’t intentional.


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