Hiatus No. 2

Dear readers,

this is simply a friendly advisory that I will not update this site for the next two weeks or so. This is due to me moving house and having no Internet installed at the new place during that time. I will probably be working on some posts, but my old computer is too old to bring elsewhere, so I am S.O.L. when it comes to publishing more stuff.

For those who have written to me, I promise to reply to you as soon as I can, if I have to find a library to respond.

I apologise for the inconvenience.


Pippa Minty

P.S. Have a naughty picture on me! *wink*
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What I wish I looked like: taking the sexy librarian to a whole new level!                                                                                                  Source: alternativefemdom



Thirty Days of Kink – Day 17 & Day 18 –

Note: I am sorry for the delay in posting, my naughty bunnies. Unfortunately, real-life-itis has struck me hard this week. I am moving to a new apartment and hardly have any downtime. This is me trying to catch up. I am still alive!

Thirty Days of Kink

– Day 17 –

What misconception about kinky people would you most like to clear up?

Thirty Days of Kink – Day 16

– Day Sixteen –

What are the most difficult aspects of having a sexuality that involves kink or BDSM for you personally?

Probably to get people to understand it. Not that I feel the need to explain or justify my kinks. It’s about the one thing I feel comfortable with. However, some of my friends tend to fear that my interest in BDSM stems from my Anxiety and other deeep-seated issues.

They aren’t completely off the mark. It is true that I use kink to help me calm some of my anxieties. The control I exercise over my husband during our sessions makes me feel exceedingly confident and empowered, something I sadly lack in my day-to-day life. When I play the switch and sub for someone, the endorphin high tends to change my headspace entirely to one that is actually tolerable, instead of the deep hellhole it usually is (sorry, this is becoming depressing…).

Nevertheless, it is not because of my Anxiety that I turned to kink. It is not a coping mechanism for me. It is simply a bonus, a side-effect of my sexual appetites that I get some relief from the constant torture my brain likes to inflict upon me.

So I’m tired of explaining. I’m sick of reassuring. I know my friends mean well. But I am having difficulty with Vanilla people asking me if I shouldn’t be seeing a shrink about my kinky habits. I already DO see a psychologist and a psychiatrist, thank you very much. And no, I don’t really speak to them extensively about my sexuality because I fear the same reaction as that of my friends. The constant knee-jerk reaction of:  “omg, you like BDSM, you must be severely damaged!”

Yes. I am damaged. Yes, I have a lot of baggage. But it does not influence me in my kinks. I’ve been kinky as far as I can remember. I’ve got a mind that chooses to reside in the gutter permanently. Always have. The damage done to my psyche neither reinforced, nor changed this about me. And dealing with people who do not understand that is very difficult.

Thirty Days of Kink – Days 14 & 15

– Day Fourteen –

How would you say real life BDSM/kink varies from fantasy BDSM/kink?

Real life is much more casual and banter-y than the fantasy stuff. In fantasy kink, everyone is always perfect. They have perfect bodies, perfectly suave voices… they fit the fetish in your mind. In real life, people have flaws and personalities. They are clumsy and wonderful. I think working with the reality is more fun than keeping everything in the mind.

…. well, that was concise. Move on to day fifteen to make up for the days I missed? Sure.

– Day Fifteen –

Post a BDSM/kink activity you are curious about and would like to try.

Wow… these are questions that beg for short answers today. What is this, Twitter? I’m not used to writing stuff this short.

Anyway, I’d love to try pegging. For those not familiar with the term, pegging means a woman penetrating her partner’s anus with the use of a strap-on dildo. I think that it could be an interesting and very arousing experience for both parties, and I believe it might be a powerful form of Female Domination.

Uhm… See you tomorrow.

Have a sexy photo on me…

Source: http://agentlemistress.tumblr.com/post/146891515454
Source: http://agentlemistress.tumblr.com/post/146891515454

Thirty Days of Kink – Day 13

– Day Thirteen –

Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you. Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?

Uhm… because it’s my sexuality? I’m not sure I’d go so far as to call it my sexual orientation, but, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been into the kinky stuff. I was raised in Germany by a mother born in the 1960s. My mother never shut up about sex, even when I was a child.

I quickly became hyper-sexualised that way. I was curious about sex long before my peers in school and long before I had the hormones to make it a pleasant experience. Thanks to German late-night television and smutty magazines, I also quickly discovered the world of porn. And missionary was just… BORING!

So I looked at other things. I always enjoyed the feel of leather against skin. I’m a horseback rider, so I won’t deny having a preference for riding crops. It was little things like that that attracted me to BDSM in the first place. Also, the idea of being tied up and of con-non-con (consensual non-consent) just turned me on from the earliest moments…

But what draws me in the most is the look in the eyes of my play partner. When I make a handsome man like my husband beg me for things. When he begs to have me, when he begs me to come, breathless and enthralled by my sexual power over him, I get weak at the knees. (Not to mention soaking wet between my thighs!) This vulnerability and desire in a man just gets to me. Also, the inherent trust in a D/s relationship is something I love. And I’m just not that much of a fan of plain ol’ sex. Don’t get me wrong – I love PIV when I’m in the mood for it. But the mood has to strike me. I get very little out of it otherwise. I don’t even finger my vagina when I masturbate. I prefer to tease my clit instead. Penetration is something I have to desire for it to happen, but I can still get my rocks off in other ways.

And I think that that is the main appeal. Getting my kink on and being sexual without “laying back and thinking of England.” I love bringing the tease and playfulness to the table. I get turned on by ideas in my mind – I get turned on when I daydream about what I might do to my husband when I get home. The actual “traditional” definition of sex is overrated. The teasing is where all the fun lies.

Tuesday Teasing for Mr. Wildcard

Ah, Punish Tuesday!

It is a lovely day that was set up by none other than the delightful Miss Pearl, Dominant Lady Extraordinaire (in this town she’s Kink Royalty). It is a day she has set up with her Gentleman Nemesis to satisfy her kinky urges, and because scheduling in regular kink sessions seems to help with anxiety and whatnot. It is an inspired idea, and one that I have admittedly taken up with my subby-hubby as well.

Source: http://au-oui.tumblr.com/post/144540708220

“Wanna Come Over for Tuesday?”

Subby-hubby was tired on Tuesday. I was left with no one to punish. Dejected, I took a nap after work.

When I woke up, there was a message in my inbox. It was from Mr. Wildcard, and, as he is in all his interactions, very direct and to the point. “Wanna come over for Tuesday?” I could hardly believe what I was reading. Was I, switch and newbie Dom, really being invited by the Royal Couple to join them in a scene? Remember, this wasn’t in a play party context. I was delighted at the invitation, but also trepidatious. I had never played one-on-one like that before.

But subby-hubby was late coming home from work anyway and he kept complaining about tiredness, so I happily obliged. I asked when I should join them. The response was as succinct as ever: “8:30.”

I hastily dressed, but had a dilemma: should I dress for subbing, or Domination? Nothing had been determined in the messages. I chose to wear some nice lingerie (the only one not yet packed up for my upcoming move) and over that I wore a blue shirt and mini circle skirt. Versatile.

Eight thirty crept up on me quickly and I left. Continue reading

Thirty Days of Kink – Day 12 –

– Day Twelve –

Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had.

Oh… I’ve had a few funny moments. Mostly because I am a Grade A Cluts (yes, with capitals at the start of every word – it’s that bad).

Seriously, I get injured on absolutely everything! For instance, in a non-BDSM context, at work I keep cutting myself on the paper we use. My fingers are riddled with cuts and band-aids. I think they keep the first aid kit stocked just for me, to be honest…

Back to the kinky stuff, you smut lovers.

Well, there was that time when I quoted a meme at Miss Pearl’s Beach Party, which caused everyone to get out of the mood and just start laughing uncontrollably. The particular quote was “touch da fishie!” But that is far too tame for your tastes, dear reader, I am sure. Continue reading

Thirty Days of Kink – Day 11 –

I’m back, my naugthy bunnies! Sorry about that hiatus, but life really interfered with my writing. I am moving to a new apartment in the next few weeks and it is eating up all my time. In any case, here is another Thirty Days of Kink!

Thirty Days of Kink

– Day Eleven –

What are your views on the ethics of kink?

Okay, I was going to open my reply with a discussion about the semantics of the word “ethic,” but that would be far too elitist and bitchy of me to be tolerable. So I will just refrain the English Lit major in me and move on to an actual response…

There is so much to say about kink and ethics and about the behaviours that are acceptable in the kink community and the ones that are not. Elaborating on all of them would turn into the worst TL;DR scenario since the original unabridged manuscript draft of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

So, for the sake of brevity, I will try listing what I feel are the most important things to consider when engaging in a BDSM activity.


While this may seem like the obvious answer, this is absolutely key. When engaging in kink, all participants should have given explicit informed consent. They may also revoke said consent at any time during the “session” by using their safeword. Things can quickly escalate into assault, flat out abuse and even rape if one isn’t careful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about RACK (risk aware consensual kink) and Con Non-Con (consensual non-consent). However, those terms imply that there was discussion and informed consent given before engaging in any kinky sport. And, again, both parties are entitled to bring things to a stop if they have reached their hard limit or if it is no longer fun for them.

This brings me to my next point: Continue reading

Brief Hiatus – A Sexy Party By Miss Pearl


Dear readers,

I promise my absence these last few days was entirely a question of circumstances (life can be a bitch sometimes). More experimenting, personal stories and smut will be coming your way soon. But, as I have had a few requests to put in a post, I’ve decided to share Miss Pearl’s latest adventure.

Miss Pearl hosted an amazing indoor Beach Party, full of kinky hotness. I got a great deal of attention that evening, as the following will indicate. I am posting this to satiate your collective lusts. Take a guess at which of her guests I might be!

Be sure to visit Miss Pearl’s site as well.

I will also post my own view of the events once I’ve finished writing it.


P.S. I know I’ve missed a few days of kink. I will make it up to you once I’ve gotten it into my head that double shifts aren’t healthy for me.

Inside the Indoor Beach Party

What did I do over the long weekend?

It’s blazing hot, with the temperature dancing around the high end of 20 C or even over 30 C and nasty humidity. The pools are full of screaming children and all my friends were mewling on their social media feeds that they were too hot to fuck. Never-mind,  a little AC and the right theme, and I was all set for a great play party.

I hold these parties once every couple of months, inviting an exclusive group of my trusted friends to romp and explore and be our kinky, sexy selves.  This isn’t your mother’s play party, with all the fetish protocol and no sex attitude that entails. You won’t find some person in a motrocycle cap doing Florentine flogging to show they are a Serious Master. Everything is fun, casual and rests on an absolutely no creeps policy.

Picture an elegant 1930s apartment, done up in paper lanterns and blue crepe bunting in undulating waves…

The guests are dressed in trunks, swim suits and loose, airy cotton dresses. Some go pinup vintage, some go chic and modern. There are soft bodies; hard bodies; hairless, smooth bodies; and sensually furred bodies. Men, women and people who dance in the middle, all are welcome. They know it’s a safe place to explore what they love. The atmosphere is perky and joyful, vintage beach tunes and silly movies (Lilo and Stitch) setting the tone before we take things in a much more adult direction. I don’t think there was a bit of black leather in sight, unless, of course, you count the mountain of toys I’d put out to share.

I told the guests an 8:00 PM start time, and on the dot, the first handful of people start trickling in. Early birds ask if they can help out, and I hand off a beach ball and balloons to blow. I have three rooms open- the kitchen with its vague Arabian nights feeling; the long, pillared living room decked out to hold the majority of folks, and my bedroom made more intimate by a black light. There’s snacks and drinks: a whole watermelon in wedges; brightly coloured popsicles; jubejube fish; chips and salsa; beachy drinks. Nothing to excess, everything just right to indulge and to remind you that we’re here to play.

But how do you go from friends to frolic?

Everyone arrives around the start time, first Peppermint Kitten and her man (they’re early birds, and like to help set up) and then guests in ones and twos. Every party starts like this, with people bunching up on the couch, a little shy where it’s just a handful. Everyone is at least passingly familiar with everyone else, but there’s a note of care in everyone’s posture. Nobody wants to be rejected, and nobody wants to overstep and make anyone else uncomfortable. We might be inveterate perverts, but how to make sure we honour enthusiastic consent? The guests are almost all here, but we’re all having social time.

My friend, Peppermint goes on a little walk about the apartment, looking at all the decorations. I’m admiring my own handiwork in the bedroom, looking at the glow sticks hanging from the fan and the bright stars on the wall.

I get the play party truly started when I grab and lift my friend onto the bed. Continue reading