Thirty Days of Kink – Day 10 –

Wow, I’m impressed with myself. I’ve kept this up for ten days already. Not too shabby for my short attention span (ADHD tends to do that). So, get ready for…

– Day Ten –

What are your hard limits?

Anything that involves non-sexy bodily fluids. That means urine, feces, and blood. I’m also not into spitting, but that’s less a hard limit than something that will make me tan your ass enough that you will not be able to sit down for a week if you try it with me.

Otherwise, my limits are pretty soft. I am very open to trying new things. Some things, like cunnilingus, might not interest me at all, but I wouldn’t call that a “limit” per se. It is something I would discourage, but tolerate – because  people offering it usually mean well. They will have to be taught a lesson, naturally, but it is not something that makes me back off and want to run away. It only makes me back off and glare at you intensely.

Oh, wait… I forgot one… NEEDLES! Keep those things away from me, or so God help me, I WILL stab you! I have a deathly phobia of those things. I remember purchasing one at the chemists for an arts project and nearly fainting when I saw the hollow needle point. I just can’t handle them… It squicks me out!


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