Thirty Days of Kink – Day 9 –

– Day Nine –

Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy.

Did you really just ask a musical aficionado to post music? Oh, you are in for a treat! (Or in trouble, depending on how you feel about Broadway Musicals.)

There are a few songs that I really like when it comes to kink. Now, the question is, should I post music that I like to kink to, or music that inspires me as a Femdom?

When I did my first stint into kink, I particularly liked Christina Aguilera’s “Nasty Naughty Boy.” I still love the big band and her old-timey jazz crooning. The lyrics are fun too and it’s great music to strip-tease to! But I must admit I am not longer particularly into that song, perhaps because Christina Aguilera just grates my nerves as though she was trying to make latkes out of them.

Around that time, I also enjoyed a great deal of Nine Inch Nails (“Closer” is still a fave of mine) and the Prodigy. They still make the kinky music playlist on a regular basis.

But, today, this is the video I wish to post! It is called “Bring On the Men” from the Jekyll and Hyde musical. A Broadway Song – naturally – all about men and… uh… prostitution, though it can also work for Femdom. As a Femdom, someday I want to make a Grand Entrance into a dungeon while belting out this song!

Pay particular attention to “having a man for breakfast each day.” *wink*



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