Thirty Days of Kink – Day 8 –

– Day Eight –

Post a kinky image you find erotic.

Just one? No fair!! I’ll compromise and post three (on top of a bonus favourite), because I am an unreasonable person.

Otherwise, easy, short-and-sweet post today. I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of me yet! *wink*


I love this one. What I find so very erotic here is the look in the Dom’s eyes. It clearly reads that he is Her property and that everyone else approaches at their own risk. It’s one of my Femdom goals.


What’s not to love about this image? First off, I want those cuffs for my subby-hubby. Secondly, I want to suck that cock. Hard. Like now… that little drip of pre-cum right under the head on this image drives me crazy! I need to give a blowjob now. Subby-hubby is asleep… should I wake him?


I love the very casual Femdom in this one. There is so much potential here. And I love how he is pampering Her and She is, in essence, ignoring him. So hot! Another Femdom goal here.

That’s it. I would totally post more, but I am trying to act like a reasonable adult and not a petulant toddler. I was already told I should post only one. So there…


My absolute fave!

Source: Via: Pleasing Miss Pearl ( )
Source:                               Via: Pleasing Miss Pearl ( )

This one is my favourite, because it describes my feelings toward my subby-hubby so very well. I love seeing him submit to me, and that makes me weak at the knees. He does not realize that he has a power over me when he is vulnerable and open to me, especially when he desires for me to hurt him. I love him so much in that situation that I could explode.


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