Thirty Days of Kink – Day 5 –

– Day Five –

What was your first kinky sexual experience?

Okay, those of you who have followed thus far will remember that I mentioned cyber-sexing with total strangers I met on the Gaia online community forums as a teen. Well, I did that A LOT. One of the people I met that way even sent me images of him masturbating (my first dick picks before they became the bane of modern women!) after one of our cyber sessions. I remember a few choice details of our conversations that I related to my high school friends over lunch the next day. There was the part where he wrote “turn around, I’m going to fuck you like an animal!!!!” (yes, the exclamation points were his) that particularly stuck with me (I can still quote it from memory, so it must have). And then there was the “now swallow” line.

I remember that last one because one of my friends, lets call her “Free Spirit,” was particularly grossed out by that line when I recounted my session to her. I remember her telling me that she found the idea of swallowing cum utterly disgusting. And then she admitted to having also tried cybering once, but that she and a friend had chickened out when they had been asked to send a picture of their breasts. Not that it matters. We were teens, we were incredibly arrogant and believed we were the best… and we were gosh darned stupid.

When it comes to real-life kinky experiences though, my first experience was with my now subby-hubby (who needs a better nickname than this… seriously, what’s wrong with me?). He tied me up in a hog-tie with some rope. I remember finding it all incredibly erotic and getting turned on merely at the idea of being tied up.

Thinking back on it, I’m a little discomfited by the whole scenario. We have, since, thrown out the rope he had used on me back then. It was rope that he had bought and used with his girlfriend (Evil Bulldog) before me. *shudder* I think the worst part is that, at the time, he had not broken up with the Evil Bulldog yet, as they were in a long distance relationship and she was on tour with a circus. She had requested over the phone (I was there, so I heard the whole conversation), that he do not speak to her about their relationship until she returned from tour, as she was aware that he had felt the need to talk for a while. This essentially locked subby-hubby in that train-wreck of a relationship for another, totally unnecessary three months. Three months during which I was still the “unofficial” girlfriend, the “other woman.” Man, did people in our circle of friends ever judge me harshly for that one…

The worst part was that I was certain he would go back to her when she returned. So I felt those three months were borrowed time for me to be with the man I loved, because of course he would choose Evil Bulldog over me. I am rather happy I was wrong.

But I digress. My first kinky experience was nothing simpler and more basic than rope bondage. But, as I said, there is some weirdness attached to said experience, what with Evil Bulldog overshadowing the whole thing still… I am very happy that my experiences have moved on from that point.

Tomorrow, we’ve got more good stuff with Day Six – Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy. Come on, you know you’re curious! *wink*


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