Thirty Days of Kink – Day 4 –

– Day Four –

Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

This answer is going to suck. So here: have a pretty picture!


All I can say in response to the question is: probably. The problem is, I lost my virginity to the same person I am married to and I am frightfully inexperienced in many ways, despite having explored so much of my kinky side already. I find retrospect difficult, because it was all with one and the same partner. That same partner was already into kink when I met him. Except for my Vanilla interlude, I don’t think I’ve ever had an early non-kinky sexual experience.

As for non-sexy things that may have hinted at my kinks? I’ve always loved reading novels where there was a sort of sex-fight for control in bed. That goes back as far as I can remember (let’s say I was eleven, again). I also liked causing myself small amounts of pain by smacking my thighs with wooden sticks at times… and that’s about all I’ve got.

Oh… no, wait! Something just clicked in my mind. There were those times when, as a precocious thirteen-year-old, I went on chat forums (mostly the personals on… or was it something like that, anyway) and totally violated all terms of use by pretending I was eighteen and chatting up people for some kinky conversations. I did not have a webcam, but I certainly had some very kinky role-play discussions with total strangers online. I did that until I was about sixteen and got creeped out by one of my regular chat “companions” who was starting to want to meet me in person. So yeah, that may have been a hint…

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s day 5: “What was your first kinky sexual experience?”


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