Thirty Days Of Kink – Day 2 –

Thirty Days of Kink

– Day Two –

List your kinks.

Continuing with what I’ve started yesterday. Yoinked the post from Anonymouskinky.

Anyway, here are my kinks, in no particular order:

  • Subs who fight back
  • Strong men made vulnerable through sheer force of my will
  • Blowjobs (soooo many blowjobs! I’m basically into cock worship, I suppose. And yes, this does include deepthroating.)
  • All things Victoriana related (Domestic Servitude, gentlemen in top hats who are total rakehells in the sheets, etc.)
  • Corsets and tightlacing
  • Rope bondage and Shibari
  • After care
  • Accents from Scotland (no joke – I love their one tap trill “R”s)
  • Breathplay
  • Consensual non-consent
  • Stockings!! All the stockings and the garterbelts to match.
  • Costumes, especially historical ones – but cosplay is okay too.
  • Teasing heavily by exploiting the sub’s weakness
  • Femdom (well, that was rather obvious)
  • All things whippy and spanky, but especially riding crops, belts and floggers.
  • Lingerie
  • Making men beg (especially when they beg to cum)
  • Clothed female, naked male
  • Spanking and scratching… and leaving a mark!
  • Ruined Orgasms

Those are the main ones… I think they’re pretty self explanatory. Don’t judge. I know I’d have an easier time writing what I’m not into, probably. Most of these I enjoy both as a Dominant and as a submissive (except for the lingerie and stockings… that is pour moi only!). Any and all of these things can get me turned on if you play your cards right.

I also have some kinks I really want to explore, but they’re not things I’ve touched upon, or experienced yet. So I’ll not list them here. I think those will be for another time.

Yay! I kept it short! *wink*


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