Thirty Days Of Kink – Start –

So, I found this neat little questionnaire on another blog I follow: Anonymouskinky posted this Thirty Days Of Kink “meme” and I’ve decided it is a fun way to have a couple of blog posts that aren’t painfully afflicted with Real-Life-itis. Because, sadly, Real Life is currently taking its toll on me. This Dom is very, very tired. I am hoping to get my game back on by the end of the week, but this is some casual blogging fun in the meantime…

Thirty Days of Kink


Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

I am a Dominant, sometimes Switch.

I enjoy the Switch part because, honestly, I am a sucker for the rush of endorphins and it allows me to release the inner Brat. The Brat is strong in me, but she does not get to come out much when I Dom. She comes out sometimes in my Dominant moments as this very playful, kind of mischievous creature, but she is difficult to control and that’s usually when I accidentally do something that is not all that enjoyable to my sub. So I prefer keeping her in check by keeping her to my submissive moments. She is really fun to release though! I would also be lying if I said I was not a total masochist – see endorphins above.

But why do I associate more to the Dominant side if I enjoy being submissive (and pain) so much? Because if there is one thing I like more than that, it is control. I am a control freak over every last aspect in my life – so much so that when things are out of my control, I fall into Anxiety and get panic attacks. It is a slippery road, to be honest. 

Dominance has also saved me, on more than one occasion, from men who wanted to abuse me. I brought out my inner Dom and triumphed in situations that could have ended horribly for me. My Inner Femdom is my saviour, and I owe it to her control that I am where I am today and not in a much worse position.

When it comes to things I enjoy about BDSM, I adore anything bondage. Tie me up, let me tie you up – who cares! Rope is fun!

I should mention that after-care matters a lot to me. One of the reasons I initially left the Scene was because nobody had mentioned after-care to me before and I had never encountered it. I think that I would not have returned to BDSM if I had not found out about it. Pain and pleasure are great, but it’s nice to have comfort – and dole it out – at the end of it all.

I also love cock. Sounds odd, I suppose, but I have a very strong Oral Fixation. I love giving blowjobs – probably to an unhealthy level. I also like giving handjobs. Anything that gets me near a cock makes me happy. On the other hand, I hate cunnilingus. Any man who thinks he can pleasure me with that is barking up the wrong bush tree.

As for Fetish clothing? I did a lot of corset modelling back when I was fit and in-shape. Still love corsets, though my waist sadly is no longer up to my standards.

Finally, I enjoy getting to keep my clothes on during kinky scenes. I love being dressed or wearing only sexy lingerie while I torture my sub. I get off on his pain and pleasure (does that make me a sadist?). I mean, I REALLY get off. It is kind of scary what seeing a beautiful man in distress and struggling against my control does to me…

I guess that covers day one. Being concise really is not my strong suit… *sweatdrop*

Stay tuned for Day 2 – “List your Kinks.”


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