A Sweet Moment of Calm

Dominance does not always have to be about sex… Nor is it always about super strong, paddle-wielding control. Sometime, you can have a calm, dominant presence in the quiet of night.

I just had the pleasure of having an extremely sweet moment with my husband. And it was still a Dominant moment, despite being all sleepy nothings.

As per usual, I was wide awake at 4 a.m. My husband turned over in bed. Whether because he woke from a dream, or because the night was absurdly warm, he was awake. Drowsy, sure, but no longer asleep.

He turned to me and, noticing that I was sitting at the edge of the bed, curled up right by my side, head by my lap, like a sleepy puppy. “Could you please give me some pets, Miss,” he said barely above a whisper.

How could I resist such a sweet request? Truth is, I couldn’t. He looked so handsome and peaceful in this state of semi-wakefulness…

So I started petting his hair. He has thick, silky curls that are longer at the top of his head and cropped quite short at the back and sides. I quite enjoyed tangling my fingers in the longer strands and scratching the shorter hairs the same way I pet my cats… He moaned softly, or was it a blissful sigh?

Unable to stop at just petting, I pulled on his hair, hard. He made that lovely sound of combined pain and pleasure that I can only describe as a gasp. I hovered my lips over his, traced the edges of his mouth with my tongue, but gave no kiss. “I love you,” I whispered.

I kept playing with his luscious curls and let one of my hands slide down to his nipple. I rolled the fleshy bud between my fingers until it stood firmly erect. Then I flicked it. Again and again. And I pinched it with my nails enough to make him moan some more. Then I took care of the other nipple, all the while still playing with his hair.

When I was satisfied by the pain I had inflicted, I slid my hand down to find his cock, rock hard and expecting, bulging through the cotton fabric of his boxer briefs. Perfect.

My hand returned to his chest, gently caressing him as I kissed his arm. His neck. His shoulder… Again, I teased him by going in for a kiss on the mouth but witholding it, allowing my breath to play on his lips instead.

I liked and nibbled at his earlobe and massaged his scalp some more. More pleasurable sounds came from him…

“Go back to sleep, darling,” I said to him.

“But I’m wide awake!”

“No, darling,” I said. “You’re simply horny. But it’s almost five and I am done. Sleep.”

Next thing I knew, he was snoozing peacefully again. I was a blushing and very happy Dom with a distinctive wetness between my thighs from the experience.


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