We Interrupt Your Dose Of Naughtiness For Some Disgusting Bigoted Reality

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Femdom. But I need to rant and this is my blog, god damn it! So rant I shall. Skip to the next story if this isn’t to your taste. This story may contain triggers…

So, a Facebook friend acquaintance posted the most disgusting article on his wall last night, under the caption of “I’ll just leave this here.” Here is a link to said article. If you’re wise, you will not read it. If my husband hadn’t been asleep while I read it, I might have beaten the poor man black and blue just to get rid of some frustration…

The article is misogynistic and Islamophobic beyond all belief. Now if this person on Facebook had written to denounce the article is one thing… but they were in complete agreement with it and started denigrating EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. that wasn’t taking his side of the debate. And the worst part is, this person is an artist I used to admire and have a lot of respect for…

And now for some choice quotes of the debate! (Seriously, I am unfriending this idiot!)

About women being capable drivers: connor is an ass

So, because the daily mail says I can’t drive, it must be true? Don’t point out to him that the statistics of this specific “study” might be biased, though! As soon as I said that many statistics can be made to fit any theory if applied a certain way, he discredited absolutely EVERYTHING I said because I “didn’t believe in statistics, so how could [I] know?” But the thing is, I don’t disbelieve the statistics. I just believe they apply in a certain context and cannot always be applied as pure facts.

The conversation gets particularly bad when he starts saying that all Muslims necessarily follow a dangerous doctrine and that all Muslims without exception hate gay rights and women. Again, he says this is based on statistics (and, again, I say the context of those statistics matters!).

connor ass

I’m putting in images, because actually quoting him just makes me too angry. Obviously, he’s the one who is censored in red… and he was far from done. (I am cutting out bits where he’s just hurling insults or stating that his opinion is better for brevity’s sake.)


And last but not least, he concludes with this gem before proverbially “peacing out:”


I am so DONE. I am neither a Muslim, nor gay and yet I find the bigotry in the fact that this article even exists appalling. And the fact that I know someone defending this at all makes me feel gross.

Needless to say, I am unfriending this person. I also want to hide until people like this get an actual education and do their research elsewhere than the Daily Mail…

*Rant Over*

I promise naughtiness in my next post!


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