Late Night Spontaneity…

I was bored tonight and, as is my nature, suffering of my usual insomnia. My recourse was to both entertain and educate myself by reading the blogs of other FemDoms and reading up on certain F/m sites. Lots of interesting material there, ladies. Once you know it’s out there, you will wonder why you did not explore those avenues sooner…

In any case, the whole kerfuffle of online posts, articles and messages made me incredibly horny and I was in no mood to masturbate. Beside me, my gentleman was happily sleeping the night away, as is his habit. I swear: you just put him in a position that’s remotely close to horizontal and he is out like a light! As a chronic insomniac, I envy that ability.

But that’s a tangent I needn’t elaborate on.

I decided that tonight, I would dominate him without the aid of any ties, cuffs, or whippy items. In fact, I wanted to make him mine through sheer force of will.

I woke him up gently. Rubbing his back and calling his name. No sooner was he awake that I grasped his hair in my and pulled his head back, exposing his neck for me to kiss, lick and bite at will. My hand in his hair made him gasp and pant in that way that is always a surefire way to turn me on.

I took his mouth with a deep kiss, and then another. I stripped him naked and ran my nails down his chest, leaving red trenches in his white, flawless skin. I rolled his left nipple between my index and thumb, and bit down – hard – on the other one. He moaned loudly. But it was nigh on 2 in the morning: I did not want him waking our poor elderly neighbours!

So I slid my underwear from my hips – a grey jersey boyshort; casual comfort – wiggling my buttocks as I exposed them to him. When it was off, I stuffed it in his mouth in lieu of a gag. His expression was delicious.

I rubbed my crotch lasciviously onto his, allowing him to feel just how wet and ready I was. However, I held his hands well away from me. This fun was going to be on my terms.

When I felt ready, I unfurled a condom onto his rock hard cock and began to ride him like my plaything. I love doing that! I know all the right places inside me that I want him to hit and, when I’m on top, do they ever get hit. I ground my hips onto his crotch and rammed his cock into my vagina repeatedly, taking him as deeply as he would go. The process caused me to moan rather loudly – sorry, neighbours!

He let me use him as I saw fit. When I got tired of working my hips so hard, I asked that he fight me for the control. This was the best part of the night, in my opinion. It’s not really his personality to fight me for control, but I long for that fight in him. It is a major turn-on for me to fight and struggle for power. Him being a lot taller and stronger than I, he quickly had me on my back and was ramming his cock into me like a piston. Finally, some fight! I struggled somewhat to regain control. He tried to hold down my wrists, but I wriggled free and placed my hand to his throat. He might be stronger, but as soon as his breathing was in my control, he was flat on his back again.

I told him that, no matter how much I did him, he would require permission to cum tonight. He very nearly did so without permission. But he was polite and asked me. I refused him. Next thing I knew, he did not cum at all.

I was a little saddened by this unfortunate result, having ridden him rather hard and having caused myself to orgasm rather intensely. However, as he did not cum, I told him that he was done. I took the condom off him and ordered him into the shower to clean up (we had worked up quite the sweat).

I had him kneel in the shower and gently washed every inch of him (always clean your toys, ladies!). He enjoyed it very much, especially when I ensured he was squeaky clean between his thighs. When I had finished, I requested that he wash my body, while I took care of cleaning my hair. He obeyed beautifully and, as per request, waited for me outside the shower with a fluffy towel at the ready.

That done, we returned to bed. But before I let my House-husband turn in for the night, I took advantage of my little power trip to make him change the sheets for fresh ones.

It was fun and spontaneous. Not the most FemDom-y thing out there, but very enjoyable nonetheless.


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